Cleansing Hot Cloth Face Oil



After cleansing, place a warm, damp muslin cloth on your face, neck & décollté for a few minutes, the gentle steam from the warm, damp muslin will open up your pores. Take a few drops of the oil in the palm of your hands, rubbing together to warm the oil then massage in small circular motions to gently work the product deep into your skin. Again, place a warm, damp muslin cloth over your oiled face, neck & decollete for a few minutes, the gentle steam from the muslin will help the product to deep cleanse your pores. Gently wipe away excess oil with the warm damp muslin cloth.

Use this product 3 times a week in conjunction with your evening skincare routine.

With our products, a little goes a long way so start small & add where necessary.




almond sweet [prunus amygdalus]
Contains proteins, vitamins A and B, minerals, oleic acid and linoleic acid all of which are very nourishing, softening, soothing and easily absorbed deep into your skin’s many layers.

apricot kernel [prunus armeniaca]
Excellent for sensitive skin because it soothes & provides a thin barrier against skin irritants. It also regenerates tissue, tones & softens, skin improving elasticity & the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

avocado [persea americana]
Avocado oil is highly penetrating, containing vitamins, proteins, lecithin and rich in fatty acids (56 – 75% oleic acid), it is the best oil for very dry, rough textured skin. Suitable for all skins, is very nourishing, softening, healing.

jojoba [simmondsia chinensis] *
This oil lifts & dissolves oil & dirt that clogs up pores. Because it is actually considered a liquid wax, it helps your skin to reduce water loss and the appearance of aging – wrinkles, fine lines & scars – by improving elasticity.


lemon verbena [aloysia triphylla]
This uplifting oil tones & clarifies your skin, while the anti-inflammatory properties soothe & antiseptic properties heal & protect.

rose geranium [pelargonium graveolens]
Excellent antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. Balancing, regenerating & toning, all properties that help tp improve the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles & scars.

roman chamomile [anthemis nobilis]
Because of its amazing soothing, calming & anti-inflammatory properties, it works wonders on sensitive, dry skin. It is also excellent for healing sores because of its rapid tissue regenerating properties.It has a mild astringent which helps clean out blocked pores.

lippia javanica [zinziba]
This oil has intense anti-inflammatory & antiseptic qualities that aid in healing & protecting the skin, while giving you an uplifting feeling.

rosemary [rosmarinus officinalis] *
Like Geranium this highly stimulating oil helps both circulatory & lymphatic system, in the circulation of fluid & removal of toxins thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

lemon [citrus limon] *
Gently cleansing the skin & removing dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, invigorated & toned appearance. Its antiseptic properties also help to protect the skin from acne causing bacteria.

* organic oils