Detoxifying Body Oil



After bath or shower, apply to clean, damp skin to problematic areas or over the entire body.*

Add a few drops to your bath, along with epsom salts to draw out toxins. Can also be used as a massge oil.

Use in conjunction with a body brush to improve circulation & detoxification of problematic areas. Apply before or after dry brushing.

*Always apply a sunscreen in the morning over your body moisturizer to areas of your body that will exposed to sunlight.




grapeseed [vitis vinifera]
Very rich source of fatty acids & antioxidants, it contains over 70% GLA (gamma linoleic acid). It’s an incredibly lightweight oil that doesn’t clog pores and it also works to firm and tighten skin by nourishing it.

safflower [carthamus tincturius]
This carrier oil is rich in linoleic acid protecting your skin against acne causing bacteria, healing scaring & wounds, and reducing the appearance of fine line & wrinkles. It is especially great for oily skin because it is easily absorbed.

macadamia nut [macadamia integrifolia]
Its naturally high amounts of palmitoleic acid delay the skin from ageing prematurely. These properties also protect & condition your skin against exposure to extreme weather conditions eg. Sun or wind burn.

aloe ferox
It’s calming & cooling properties are used to balance the intensely detoxifying oils blended in this product. It also has incredible healing properties to repair damaged skin.


grapefruit [citrus paradisi] *
This intensely detoxifying oil boosts your circulation to energize your skin.

juniperberry [juniperus communis]
Because it is a diuretic, this oil decongests and stimulates circulation, helping with fluid retention and cleansing your system of toxins.

fennel sweet [foeniculum vulgare]
This historically sacred herb produces an oil that is a diuretic – cleansing & detoxifying your system, removing toxins that cause fluid retention & cellulite.

geranium [pelargonium graveolens] *
This oil’s amazing balancing and cell & tissue regenerative properties help to heal scars & sunburn, as well as minimising the appearance of stretch marks. Its also reduces fluid retention and stimulates circulation & lymph gland congestion thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

rosemary [rosmarinus officinalis] *
Like Geranium this highly stimulating oil helps both circulatory & lymphatic system, in the circulation of fluid & removal of toxins thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

* organic oils