Hydrating Body Oil



After bath or shower, apply to clean, damp skin to your entire body. Can be applied straight to skin or can be mixed in with your body moisturizer.*

Add a few drops to your bath to relax & balance yourself. Can also be used as a massge oil.

*Always apply a sunscreen in the morning over your body moisturizer to areas of your body that will exposed to sunlight.




sunflower seed [helianthus annus]
Containing high levels of carotenoids, omega 6, vitamin E & linoleic acid , this oil cleanses, moisturizes, regenerates & protects your skin by easily absorbing into your skin & creating a protective barrier.

olive [olea europa]
Olive is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and proteins, protecting your skin against free radicals. It is also a rich source of essential fatty acids & oleic acid, deeply penetrating to moisturise & condition, it is great for neglected, dry skin.

avocado [persea americana]
Avocado oil is highly penetrating, containing vitamins, proteins, lecithin and rich in fatty acids (56 – 75% oleic acid), it is the best oil for very dry, rough textured skin. Suitable for all skins, is very nourishing, softening, healing.

wheatgerm [triticum vulgare]
Rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E which is cell-regenerating, rejuvenating & moisturizing, promotes healing & collagen formation, reduces scar tissue, improves your skin’s natural tone.

carrot root [daucus carota]
Rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A which is cell-regenerating and rejuvenating, promotes healing and reduces scar tissue. Improves skin’s natural tone and preserves suntans.


lavender [lavandula angustifolia]*
Excellent in soothing & healing skin thus improving the appearance of burns, scars, stretch marks, inflammation, sunburn, thread veins. Acts as an anti-inflammatory & antiseptic, protect your skin against acne causing bacteria.

ylang-ylang [cananga odorata] *
It’s incredible balancing & stimulating properties improves skin’s complexion by controlling the production of sebum, reguiding it to areas where it is needed most, also toning the skin to give you a glowing, youthful appearance.

geranium [pelargonium graveolens] *
This oil’s amazing balancing and cell & tissue regenerative properties help to heal scars & sunburn, as well as minimising the appearance of stretch marks. Its also reduces fluid retention and stimulates circulation & lymph gland congestion thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

palmarosa [cymbopogon martinii]
Excellent skin hydrator because of its cell regenerating, sebum controlling, skin toning & soothing properties. It improves the skin’s appearance & brightens complexions. It also acts as an antiseptic, protecting your skin against acne causing bacteria

roman chamomile [anthemis nobilis]
Because of its amazing soothing, calming & anti-inflammatory properties, it works wonders on sensitive, dry, irritated, flaky skin, especially if sunburnt.

* organic oils