5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – and we are live!

My word! I didn’t think I would ever hear those words. This has been such a labour of love & it had to be. Our commitment to getting our product rebranded & launched on a much larger scale was all because of our obsession with our product that what kept us going.

I had been working overseas on Superyachts & I always knew that I would one day move home & work with my mum to sell her all natural skincare products. Not because it was the easy thing to do but because I was such a huge advocate of her products. At the time she was just selling to friends & family and all of her advertising was done by word of mouth – extremely satisfied customers that needed to let THEIR friends & family know what they had discovered – and so it grew. So when I decided to leave yachting for good, late last year, I thought I would come home, find a branding company & bob’s your uncle, we would have a whole new company with the ole classics. Confession – I thought it would be easy – but there is a lot of not so “fun” things that go into starting a small business.

But we are finally here, thanks to the amazing ladies at The Bash Design Studio, Liesel & Gitta.



Production & Development

Pam completed her diploma in Aromatherapy, fascinated at the impressive healing & restorative properties of essential oils; the diploma helped her to further her knowledge about how & why essential oils are so efficient, learning about their countless benefits. Developing & testing too many blends to mention, Pam initially only used the product on herself and her daughters Bianca & Gen – her own personal guinea pigs – eventually sharing the product with friends & family, after endless requests about her skincare routine & asking “What is that amazing smell?” & comments like, “You haven’t aged a day”.


Creative Marketing & Development

My earliest memory of skincare is of my mom telling me that this is the only skin we are given & we need to care for it. I have always been aware of the importance of caring for skin & that is because of my mom. She taught me how to care for it & what to be aware of in different porducts I was intersetd in purchasing. I had the opportunity to live & work all over the world & having tried countless products available out there, nothing came close to giving me that richness & luxury I felt I got from my mom’s homemade products. I felt like when I wanted that I would need to spend a huge chunk of my salary to come close & they were still packed full of synthetic ingredients. EarthEssence restored my skin to it’s best, natural state. This helped me to become confident in my own skin, without hiding behind a face full of make-up everyday. I joined EarthEssence because I wanted to share these fantastic products with people.


Product Testing & Development

Our mother has always the most incredible skin, due to her absolute belief in sun protection and using pure products free from additives. Living overseas has exposed me to the countless skincare ranges available, and made me realise that most people have very little idea about what products they’re putting on their body. Magnificent & indulgent skincare that is affordable is the reason I got involved with Earthessence. You shouldn’t have to fork out huge sums of money to look after and create your most beautiful and true-to-self skin. We get so distracted by expensive ad campaigns and over the top packaging that we tend to forget about the most important part of skin care products: the product itself. I want a sustainable skin care routine, and being able to be in a business that I truly believe in with the two most important and inspiring women in my life are the biggest driving forces to my involvement in EarthEssence.