Why natural is better

Most of those skincare products you buy off the shelf are full of harmful ingredients, for both your skin and the earth.  Going natural with your skincare routine is a great decision for the health of your skin and the planet.  Here are the top 5 reasons to go natural.


Skincare products made from conventionally mass-produced ingredients are most often artificial chemicals.  These have a hugely negative impact on the environment, not only in the way that they are made but also when they go down your drain at home.  Most mainstream skincare products contain microplastics, known as microbeads in the beauty industry.  The microplastics are used mostly to add exfoliation and once you rinse your face the microplastics remain intact and travel through the water treatment process out into the sea.  Microplastics are an enormous problem and severly pollute our oceans and harm marine ecosystems.  EarthEssence’s all natural products use no microplastics as ingredients and we do not produce our range in a factory, instead each product is made by hand.


Our natural products are first and foremost to be good for the skin.  Profit is not our primary motivation, and so each and every ingredients has been carefully thought out and used because it is the best choice for your skin, and not because it has the highest profit margin.  We don’t make or sell any products that we wouldn’t use on our own skins, so you can use our range with the peace of mind that we have put the health of your skin first.


Most mass-produced skincare products contain many artificial fragrances.  These often irritate the nose and many people suffer from headaches as  a result.  Often these artificial fragrances are added not only for their smell, but to mask the odour of other harmful artificial chemicals.  Natural skincare products like ours have a delightful scent because of the natural essential oils that are used.  These oils are used for their health benefits and what they can do for your skin, but the wonderful other benefit is their scent and aromatherapy benefits.


Artificial chemicals, fragrances, exfoliants and preservatives are a major cause of irritation to the skin.  Natural skincare means far less likelihood of irritation as the ingredients are less harsh. Natural ingredients tend to work with your skin rather than against it.  


EarthEssence natural skincare products are not tested on animals.  We source natural ingredients that are organic as far as possible and none of our ingredients or final products harm animals (or the earth).